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Stolen Sharpie Revolution (5th Edition)

Alex Wrekk

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The ultimate DIY Resource for Zines and Zine Culture by veteran zinester and Portland Button Works owner Alex Wrekk.

Stolen Sharpie Revolution is the zinester’s bible. This perfect bound, 152 page paperback book covers the basics of what a zine is, how to make one, how to start your own zine distro or table at zine events, and everything in between. Stolen Sharpie is your guidebook to getting started and getting involved in zine culture today.

  • What, Where, Why of Zines
  • The Next Step: Making a Zine (tools, writing, layout)
  • Fair Use, Community, Copyright, Copyleft, & Creative Commons
  • Cut & Paste Layout & Photocopier Art
  • Zine Sizing & Layout Templates
  • Where & How to Print Zines
  • Let’s Get Crafty (covers, binding, block printing, paper making, stenciling)
  • Zine Community
  • To Get a Letter, Write a Letter (postal system & mail crafts)
  • More Community (trading, prisoners, zine promotion)
  • Distros (what, ordering form, submitting to, terms, & starting one)
  • Zine Events (fests, attending, organizing, promoting, readings & tours)
  • Other Stuff (International Zine Month, zines & the internet, zine libraries, & general online zine resources)

Release Date: December 1, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9817941-1-2 (5th Edition)
152 pages