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Sapphic Horror Bundle

Caitlin Marceau & Emma E Murray & Chloe Spencer

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A Cold That Burns Like Fire - Caitlin Marceau (Chapbook)

"A Cold That Burns Like Fire" is an erotic-horror reimagining of the French-Canadian folk tale "La Chasse-galerie". Valerie is excited to celebrate Christmas with Celia, her fiancée, ahead of their wedding. Unfortunately, she soon finds herself snowed in without a hope of seeing her beloved… that is until a strange woman, with skin that shimmers like water in the moonlight, rolls in with the storm. 


Mewing - Chloe Spencer (Paperback)

In Mewing, Vixen would sell her soul to get into the Bleach Babes and, if she isn’t careful, she might just get what she wants.

One of the most exclusive influencer co-ops in LA, the Bleach Babes live and work together in one big house where they have it all: popularity, talent, and beauty. Their leader? Supermodel Margo, a woman as sinister as she is sexy.

After Margo agrees to take Vix under her wing—and into her bed—Vixen moves in and begins hustling. Success comes hard and fast, but the glitz and glamor comes with a price that may cost her her sanity… and her life.


When the Devil - Emma E. Murray (Paperback)

In When the Devil, Libby finds salvation in a new sapphic partner, homebrewed poison, and facing a God she no longer believes in.