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Shadows in the Stacks: A Horror Anthology (eBook)

Vincent V. Cava, James Sabata, and Jared Sage

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eBook Edition - Also available in Paperback.

Format: ePub and PDF

Shadows in the Stacks is a new horror anthology, published in cooperation with Spirited Giving to benefit the Library Foundation SD. 100% of proceeds from sales go to the Library Foundation SD.

Shadows in the Stacks features a special foreword by Laurel Hightower and 21 all-new horror stories from a wide range of authors including...

  • Kevin David Anderson
  • Zachary Ashford
  • S.A. Bradley
  • Bridget D. Brave
  • Kel Byron
  • Vincent V. Cava
  • Clay McLeod Chapman
  • Rebecca Cuthbert
  • Alexis DuBon
  • Jamie Flanagan
  • Douglas Ford
  • Evelyn Freeling
  • Ai Jiang
  • Lucy Leitner
  • Jonathan Maberry
  • J.A.W. McCarthy
  • Tim McGregor
  • John Palisano
  • James Sabata
  • William Sterling
  • Alvaro Zinos-Amaro