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Another Small Gift: A Short Story - Limited Foiled Edition

Alan Lastufka

Regular price $6.00

Limited Foiled Edition - Also available in ebook.

Foil colors will vary! Each snowflake is foiled with a reflective coating. There are five colors in total (blue, teal, gold, bronze, and red). Foil colors will be selected at random.

"This story tackles family values, secrecy, and relationships in an entirely unexpected way. Even a day after reading, I'm still pondering Emma's choices..." - Vivian Hernandez, Goodreads


Emma Brooks loves the Christmas cards she receives every year from her Mom, her younger sister Charlotte, and of course, her very much alive, as far as she knows, Uncle Mike. But when Emma stumbles onto one of her family's biggest secrets, her holidays will be changed forever.

This 3,000-word stand-alone short story takes place within the fictional Cellar, Ohio universe.

Originally Published: May 12, 2020

  • Foiled Edition Published: November 7, 2020