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Wilted Pages: An Anthology of Dark Academia (Paperback)

Ai Jiang & Christi Nogle

Regular price $19.99

Paperback Edition - Also available in eBook, or on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple.

  • Includes a Wilted Pages bookmark and sticker (while supplies last)
  • Approx 260 pages
  • 6" x 9"
  • Full color cover

Wilted Pages is a new Dark Academia anthology co-edited by Ai Jiang and Christi Nogle.

Gloomy buildings, secret societies, futuristic boarding schools, and more. Who doesn't love a bit of dark academia?!

This anthology features new stories from...

  • Hussani Abdulrahim
  • Octavia Cade
  • Amber Chen
  • Brian Evenson
  • Cyrus Amelia Fisher
  • Jennifer Fliss
  • Ana Hurtado
  • Gabino Iglesias
  • R.J. Joseph
  • Jo Kaplan
  • John Langan
  • R.B. Lemberg
  • Premee Mohamed
  • Suzan Palumbo
  • Marisca Pichette
  • Michael A. Reed
  • Ayida Shonibar
  • Simo Srinivas
  • Steve Rasnic Tem